You’re just the pawns
on this concrete ground
unaware of the master plan
for something viciously grand

Think three steps ahead
For too many times you’ve been had
you feel like the bottom of this ‘food chain’
They just don’t care about your pain

Yes, some live like it’s chess
That game can cause quite a mess
They make you believe you’re the kings and queens
but you’re often thrown into the front line, mostly to die and not to win

You’re just the pawns
right here on this concrete ground
Colours don’t matter
but you should know better

The master plan is there
No, the fight has never been fair
You might end up playing the same role
even in a different kind of battle

Sorry, you’re just the pawns,
one by one, falling down
mere sacrifices on the ground
Soon, your voices will lose their sound…


(Jakarta, 22/3/2016)

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