A bit down..

I feel so sad tonight.. for myslef but mostly for others.. 

That feeling when you also have a your own problem but you have to set it all aside to be there for others.. most of the people i talk to now have problems.. and I have to be there for them.. I want to.. 

Last night.. my friend called me.. I feel so sad for him.. I don’t wanna answer it at first coz it’s past 2am already.. and I might wake them up.. but I need to.. so i answered it.. he was crying.. i feel so sad.. i want to go to him and hug him personally.. but i can’t.. so all i did is listen.. 

And tonight.. there are few people who have problems too.. and I listened to them.. even though I also have my own.. 

But I’m feeling better now.. I know the feeling of having no one to talk to.. so as much as possible i want to be there for anyone.. though i don’t know them personally.. they also make me smile.. so I want to be there for them.. in any way I can.. 

So this is all of it for tonight.. 

I haven’t wrote anything yesterday coz I’m too sad to write.. but I’m better now.. 😊

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  1. And what was your problem ? U havent mentioned it.. Anyways i’m here and you can always write to me in case if you need :** you know that :**

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