Ah just another day…

Late…yet again!  And I did have all good intentions.  I slept thru the freaking alarm again…well basically I shut it off and went back to sleep blissfully unaware.  I just don’t know how to combat this insomnia and fatigue.  My alarm goes off at 5:15…but I really don’t have to hit the road till 7:15, if I’m not getting OT and I want to get home by 6 p.m.  But last night like many nights my brain would not shut off and I found myself eating cookies at 12:30 a.m.

Thus I awaken at 8:19 with a belly ache to boot.  Ah bother. This old age shit is not for sissies.  I seriously had no idea how tiring it would be to work full time plus in my sixties!  Actually I’m glad I didn’t know.  J

So we’ll muddle thru somehow, what else is there to do anyhow?  Tonight I’m taking baby bro clothes shopping and we are going out to dinner.  Tomorrow I’ll work for him then go to Stations of Cross.  Sat. I get to pick up my granddaughter woo/hoo! Then sis and I will do all the Easter stuff.  Glad we have the girlies to keep us company.  We will be too busy being grannies to be overtly sad.

Then next week, dear Lord give me strength. Since I put in no overtime this week I need to put in a minimum of 11 hours over next week to hit my pay goal.  Always something I guess.  Such is the life of a sixty something granny! 

One thought on “Ah just another day…”

  1. You must be younger than me. I’m 65 and getting social security. My hubby is a little older and not in good health. I am not able to hold down a job. I do help with my grandsons who are special needs teens. You must be Catholic? The Stations of the Cross makes me think so. I have often considered joining the Catholic church. I love it. But we go to a large non-denominational church. Anyhow, bless your heart!

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