Feeling Anxious

I am currently laying down in bed…again, listening to the sounds of rain falling form the heavens. There is currently a thunderstorm moving through North Texas. I don’t understand how people find the sounds of storms relaxing. I am deathly afraid of loud noises so of course, that includes thunder. Lightning makes me nervous because I anticipate the boom that follows. 

Work was surprisingly good today. I got someone to sign up for our credit card. My managers said they were proud of me. I don’t feel worthy of that however. Other associates get one or more everyday and it has taken me several weeks to get one. My store has gotten desperate to get more applicants that they actually came up with this game of sorts where every time you get someone to sign up, you take a sticky note off this board and whatever is underneath, is your reward. I somehow managed to find extra 15 minutes of my break. There were a couple of really rude customers but they are not worthy of anymore of my time.

I am now going to spend some time doing some other activity so I will entertain my thoughts again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Anxious”

  1. Congrats on getting someone to apply for a credit card. And 15 minutes on your break. Cool. You’re doing great. I read your bio and I think you’ll be a great counselor.

  2. Thank you so much!!! That is the nicest thing someone could tell me 🙂 I certainly do not want to be bad at what I want to do.

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