I almost died last night..

Okay… So last night we bought weed. No biggie. After that we went to stake and shake .. Ate there. And then smoked in the Car. First Blunt was Fine yanno ? It was Perfect. I was blowed. We got back and he rolled another one. I was hutting it. That one was Cool to. At this point I’m Just in Space. But It wasn’t anything like I usually get. So at this point I’m just chilling. So Another blunt came up. This time it was just between me an Rodney. In the middle of the blunt I’m thinking to my self “Oh my god what is going on” it was so quite. And Rodney got up to do something. So at that point I’m like I got to go lay down.. I get up to go to the bedroom and he asked me what I was doing I didn’t say anything. Then I fell . he caught me.. He said it was like dead body weight. We fell to the ground.. At this is point I’m already blacked out.. But I was in a dream and in the dream it was a cartoon… But it kept telling me “Just keep running to the light keep running” but in my dream I heard Rodney’s voice.. He was like “baby , wake up.. Chels, chelsea wake up please. Baby”  I felt my self gasp for air. But I thought I was still dreaming so looking at him I was thinking like why am I here ? At first I didn’t remember anything, so he was telling me .. “Baby you turned pale and I seen all your veins in your face. And you quit breathing .. Then when you opened your eyes your eyes was all black I seen no Blue. You really scared me I fell down with you to the floor and just held you..” I never wanna experience that again..

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