Wednesday, March 23 CHEMO DAY.  Second treatment.  Saw Dr. and GUESS WHAT.  The lump on my side has shrunk.  I didn’t want to say anything before I got the official word from the doctor.  Chemo is WOR.KING.  Dr. said it is also working on the inside.  She measured the lump and was so pleased with the result and naturally so am I.  Will continue chemo treatments but I probably won’t need any surgery.  Can you believe THAT?  I still can’t.  It may have WORKED but I may be known as a metastatic breast cancer patient in remission.  Maybe forever.    Keep the prayers coming PLEASE as I am not out of the woods quite yet but things are looking good.  And only after one treatment. WOW is all I can say. Believe.  I sure do.  But then I also like to think that I am just too mean to have anything living in my body.  Chemo went well and so far not sick, tired or dealing with eating problems.  But it is too early and I am not fooling myself.  I figure by Saturday my butt will be dragging followed by the eating issues like I had the last time.  But the good news makes it all worthwhile  Tomorrow is the dreaded shot day and I am not in any better shape than I was last time.  They actually put in a special “injection” chair in the chemo room.  OH great.  At least it has a curtain to pull around it.  I got a special tee shirt to wear tomorrow.  Has a chicken on it and it says Guess What and it has an arrow pointing to the chicken’s butt.   Guess What “chicken shit”.  I think that says it all.  Yes folks I still am a chicken shit and I am proud of it.  Will I be upset tomorrow.  Of course.  All in all today’s appointment went well.  VERY WELL.  Tomorrow however will be another story.

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