sad to watch Ill-fate people

 I will say that i am born in such a exquisite land lock country and more of it is surrounded by charming natural flora and fauna.  I don’t say that i am only the fluky one to be born in this glamorous country but there are many others around the world who are born in their own eye-catching mother land.  Some of the countries that i would say are those people who are born in country like Denmark, New Zealand and Switzerland are the providential one.  The ground behind why i am saying foregoing is that people do live with gratified life and their hanker and wishes are being fulfilled in one’s life. 

On the other hand, if we glimpse to the other side of the world like those people living in the countries like Africa, we can see many hapless people who don’t have enough food and water for daily survival. For them, i am sure that they undergo full of grieves through out their life. To them to have enough meal for a day is life while others who are living in the well-endowed country doesn’t feel a pinch of it, rather they look for a luxuries life. If we all goggle carefully then i am sure that we all will see the difference but who cares many of the wealthy people don’t even reckon of it. 

The saddest of all is that many of the well-pocket people try to desolate destitute people who is living just next to his/her door. My prayers and wishes is that let us all join together and try to leg-up those pauperized people who are living near us.  Even if one cannot relinquish something  at least we all should not excruciate them.

Let us hope and whirl our best to help those people!!!!!!

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