1. Beginning

I find myself with the need to write down my emotions as an outlet in life. As I have never been so great with keeping a journal my hope is to at least get 1 entry in each week, and being I’m starting this journal on Friday I see  no reason not to make the conclusion that I will attempt to make at least one journal entry about my week every Friday. Who knows maybe I’ll be lucky and some how be able to make an entry a few times a week. (I’m sure at the begging I will but as the months go on I will have to really work to get an entry in on every Friday). 

So I suppose I will start by giving a short autobiography, well more like a description.  I’m a 24 year old mother of two beautiful boys. one is 3 (will be turning 4 in a month) JD and the other just turned 8 months yesterday XL. I have been married to there father J for about 5 years now… we have our ups and downs, but in all honesty I think it could be worse. I’m a stay at home mom (so a lot of the time while I’m writing i’ll be getting up to deal with little ones, so if it seems like I have a scattered brain well that’s part of the reason but the other would be i do have a scattered brain heh)

we also have been working on buying an amazing house this month. We are on schedule to do the final signing by the end of this month, but I’m not keeping my hopes up on that one since afew things NEED to happen within a time frame today for it to work out. That and there is a holiday coming up so I’m sure no one is in a true hurry to do anything other then to start enjoying Easter traditions with there family. What I do know is we will be completely moved out of this house by the end of April… as that is when rent is up and we have no choice anyway haha. But I honestly can’t see anything happening to postpone it a whole month that would be crazy.

Getting a journal in every Friday may be a challenge in the middle of moving, since we may be lacking in the internet for a few weeks, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make a few short entries on my cell phone, but don’t want to use all the data.

Well this week we where semi busy, getting everything ready for Easter. We decided that we would have the Easter bunny come on Saturday instead of Sunday so we wouldn’t have to struggle to get the boys ready to go when all they want to do is play with there new Easter stuff.

Also the owner for the house we are renting is apparently itching to sell the house, so we have had to make sure it stays clean and leave so they could show it or w/e they where doing, slightly annoying being my kids are sick and they wanted us out at 5 pm… I’m like supper odd time for a showing but then on top of it they want 2 hours for these showings… and bed time in my house is like 7:30-8 depending how quick we get things dune. So every showing is a late bed time night and with a toddler that always causes issues the next day. (yeah I know I bitch a lot about this house and can’t wait to move)

Tonight our plan is to color eggs and then bring them to my moms on Sunday, since I think we have 18 eggs so I plan on boiling them all tonight. JD insisted on two different egg dying kits. We got pearl and golden egg kits. I also ended up getting a normal kit for the cups, and they are suppose to be spill proof cups so we will see how true that is.

Though I am truly not feeling up to doing eggs, as JD has been pushing my buttons all morning. I don’t know how many times I have asked him not to crawl behind my back or take it upon himself to take food or what not out on his own with out asking and he has dune both so many times this morning I have lost count. Something tells me it may end up being an early nap time day.

On a bright side he is doing pretty well with potty training. I told J if he puts JD in  a pull-up or diaper again I was going to lose my shit. Since last time he was doing so good, and ended up having a few night time issues that J handled he put him back in a pull-up and then we where back in pull-ups full time and then J was complaining about that and I’m sitting there like… you started it but okay.  So I put my foot down earlier this week on the hole issue of no we are dune I’m going to return the boxes we bought and that’s that, and we wont be buying any more because XL can’t use them he is allergic to disposables.

And early nap time has started once more he did the exact opposite  as I asked. So apparently he is tired and needs to rest, since that is usually what he starts doing when he is getting sleepy. So I better get going so I can find myself something to eat for lunch. Since if I try to eat lunch around him it gets jacked even if I originally offer him my food first he dose not want it till I’m eating it lol toddlers.



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