25th day at job corps


Oh my 

Oh my 

you ever know you are not cared about? 

by a person who treats you like they do? 

You let them?

I usually wouldnt. 

I would cut that shit off. 

but sometimes I like it. 

I dont know how to explain it..

maybe im letting this happen because I have nobody here or maybe im just being a little bit of a uhh… lol

anyway yesterday I let him kiss me again. 

I was sitting on the stairs and he was sitting behind me 

and he was playing with my hair and he leans over and kisses my cheek then my lips.. 

I kiss him back and I love it.. lol

I know it is wrong.. we are not in a relationship or anything.. 

and I dont usually let or kiss someone when im not with them.

but it happend again. 

I have liked him since I met him. 

I know he is a whore . 

I know he does not really like me. 


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