culinary entry 3.

i couldnt do it weekly, but i can do it in random entries.

well i guess i could say one of the most important things is to manage stress.
its incredibly hard not to feel the pressure. there’s so many attitudes in the kitchen. its full of heat, tension, drive, rush, passion, all of which are strong adjectives. all are beautiful to observe; working with people who share a passion for the job makes it so very worth it.
but all those things bring tons of stress.

no one really teaches you how to manage stress but its something you gotta learn for yourself. you decide how far you want to push yourself, you decide how you handle criticism, and you decide what you’re going to hold on to.

what works best for me in this regard, is to plan out my work days. plan on getting there early, set a time in which my station has to be set. most importantly prioritize. do what absolutely has to be done then keep going.

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