Day 28 – Last minute save

Thursday, March 24th 2016

Almost forgot to write my entry, so I’m on my phone in bed, hurrying before it strikes midnight. It’s 11:48 PM now. I can do this!

The reason why I don’t have a schedule today is because it’s a snow day. I decided to stay home, which was a good idea because the snow storm started in the middle of the day and it’s still at it. I missed my math quiz, meaning next time I’ll have it is Wednesday. That’s fine, I have all the time in the world to practice then. I also have a 5 day weekend, thanks to today and because Friday and Monday are off too.

What did I do today? Nothing, as expected. I played some PS4, The Division to be exact, then went on to watch YouTube videos and talk to an online friend before eating, watching more YouTube videos and then watching Broadchurch. The last episode of season one is sooo sad. I really like how the show was able to make you cry on the first episode and you don’t even know the characters. Reminds me of Up, where you cry like a baby in the first five minutes.

Oh, I’m also watching a new anime called Erased. It’s good so far, I’m liking it. Haven’t watched anime in a while, but I have recently watched Assassination Classroom and Tokyo Ghoul as well.

It’s 11:52 PM and I wanna post before midnight, so this is short and I feel bad, but oh well, can’t be perfect.

That’s all for today.

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