Day 29 – A lot of fangirling

Friday, March 25th 2016

Is it odd that I don’t remember what I did in the morning? I think all I did was watch YouTube videos. Oh, actually, I remember, never mind.

Well first off I woke up to PrettyInPink’s message, so I replied to her. I hope I can mention you, I won’t next time if you don’t want me to. It’s just you mentioned me more than once in your entries, so I thought I’d mention you and it seemed like a good opportunity.

After that, I watched YouTube videos, mostly searching up funny David Tennant stuff (I was basically being a fangirl) and came across Jessica Jones, a Netflix show that includes him being the villain and having mind control. Super powers? Action? Drama? New show to watch? Most of all, one of my favourite actors being a villain? (I love villains). Count me in!

I then read some Philosopher’s Stone, a couple of chapters, and turned on my computer to start my all day YouTube. I showed the trailer for the show to my dad and he said “Of course he’s in there” when referring to David Tennant, cause we were watching Broadchurch already and then I watched Yandede Simulator videos where a YouTuber called Kubz Scout goes through myths and it’s fun to watch, then I was watching The Graham Norton Show, starting off with actors that I knew then clicking on random interesting ones, regardless of the actors and I’m glad I did. I laughed more at actors I don’t pay more attention to, because of what they were saying or doing. Eventually my side hurt and it was 5 PM and I skipped lunch (ate breakfast late) so I was hungry and my stomach was growling and hurting, so that was fun.

Speaking about celebirties, I remember when I couldn’t care less about them. It’s only when I started watched Doctor Who with the tenth Doctor (David Tennant) did I start caring and brought me into this whole fangirl universe. Although I don’t fangirl over the celebirties as much as I do the characters they perform, cause I find it a little odd to obsess over another human being (but I am… guilty of doing it a… couple of times *ahem*…), now if I ever met them, I’d be much more nervous then when shows or movies did not have actors to me, but just characters. It helped me recognise what good work some actors do, though. If I didn’t become interested, they would still only be faces of characters to me. I still don’t pay much attention to the Oscars or things like that though, unless I see it on YouTube.

So this entry was more talking of nonsense with awful grammar for I don’t know why. I’m writing on my phone and usually my phrasing is worse on my phone for some odd reason.

I’m gonna watch Broadchurch later and then maybe take a break and watch the first episode of Jessica Jones. Depends if we decide to finish Broadchurch first. Also, I heard Sheldon from Big Bang Theory that was playing on the TV while sitting in the living room, saying (HARRY POTTER SPOILER) : “Dumbledore died” and Leonard saying it’s a spoiler for him, but really I was thinking in a sort of Tweet form, “That moment when not the internet, but a show spoils a movie for you.” Penny also said Harry and Ginny end up together. If I didn’t know the HP spoilers already and haven’t watched the movies, I’d be angry at them.

That’s all for today.

(PS : Just watched a bit of the first episode of Jessica Jones. Yeah… Not something you should watch with the family. Just saying.)

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