Feeling Sleepy

Today has been an alright day. I didn’t have school or work today so I pretty much spent the whole day with my boyfriend Kolton. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with him but sometimes I just want to beat him up. He still doesn’t quite grasp that when I am in a bad mood, I am not interested with what kind of four-wheeler he wants or how much of a dick wad the driver in front of him was. I don’t mean to be in a bad mood by any means. I understand my mood swings are confusing and borderline bi-polar.

I have tomorrow off from work and I only have one class so that is good. I literally did not have a weekend this past week because I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so the two-day break is much appreciated. Plus, since Sunday is Easter, Marshalls is closed!

Well, I am going to try and get some sleep, and have some good dreams. 

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