I have…

I have this extraordinary dilemma that constantly fills my head with pain. I love people a little too fast and a little too much. I love people a little too hard and a little too forceful.

I have become self-destructive. I ruin everything good in my life. I do this by over-thinking, over-analyzing, even overpowering.

I have issues with being too loud, too annoying. I don’t satisfy people by my presence.

I have fears that haunt me at night causing me to produce nightmares that scar my eyes when I close them.

I have almost no one I truly connect with anymore. I’ve lost the only two people who I have had the strongest connections with.

I have a constant headache from the grief put upon me from losing people that mean so dear to me.

I have trust issues because people have used and abused me so many times.

I have terror that I am and never will be good enough for anyone.

I have dread that I will never find someone to love me for who I really am underneath all my internal scars.

I am too human for anyone.

I have a God who loves me.

I have a Father who holds me in his arms in my weakest moments.

I have a Creator who made me exactly how I am meant to be.

I have a Lord who redeems me and blesses me.

I have an All Sufficient God who gives me everything I need.

I have a King of Kings and Lord of Lords who calls me his treasured possession.

I have the Author of Life who has my whole life planned for his glory.

I have a Deliverer who takes my worst situations and turns them into good ones that I benefit from.

I have a Sure Foundation to build my life upon.

I have the Great I Am in my life, that is more than I could ever hope/ask for in all of time.

I am not too human for him to love.

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