Mint Chocolate Chip

Let me start off by saying I love Fridays. There’s nothing special about them other than the fact it’s the end of the week, but I guess that’s enough to stay in a good mood throughout the day. Of course, this Friday is way better because I’m out of school for Spring Break. Not sitting through 8 hours of bullshit is always a bonus. 

My sista from another mista is here but she’s beside me napping. If there’s ever a time where I’m genuinely my happiest, it’s with her. We fuss and argue but we’ve been at each other’s sides since 3rd grade. She’s made a big impact on my life. 

I’ve made a lot of new friends recently. It’s been really relieving honestly. They’re all really good people, and I share a lot of common interest with most of them. I can only hope these friendships last, because they’re really helping me separate myself from toxic people in my life. I can’t explain how good it feels to have people who value life the same way I do, and want to get out and live theirs.  People who appreciate all of the beauty the world has to offer and want to get out and see as much of it as they can. I have so much respect for them. It’s true when they say you become what you hangout with. Having a bunch of negative influences surrounding me is not helping me get anywhere close to the person I strive to be. I finally have people who are making a positive impact on my life and it feels like a weight is being lifted off of my shoulders. For the first time in a long time, I’m happy. Truly, genuinely happy

I started my day off with ice cream. Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake. The flavor makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. Cookies and Cream for my biffle. She ended up putting hers in the refrigerator though because she’s a wuss. After that I took almost an hour long shower, but it went by quickly. I listened to her sing along with Troye Sivan (I had his album playing) and took my time exfoliating. I feel a lot better now that I’m clean. It’s almost like all my stress goes down the drain as well.

There’s really no specific point in this entry. I kinda just wanted to ramble a little bit.

In my last post I was listening to Give Me Love x Ed Sheeran and it just coincidentally came on now as well. I love Ed. If you’ve never listened to him, I suggest you do. 10/10 recommend. Same goes for Troye Sivan. They both give off the same kind of vibes, but completely different music style. This particular song makes me a bit sad, though. There’s this verse that goes like this: 

“Give me love like never before,
’cause lately I’ve been craving you more.
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same
Maybe I should let you go…” 

Every time I hear it, my chest always tightens. I can’t help but let it remind me of someone from my past. The whole song itself makes me think of them, really. Maybe I’ll write about that person in the future. Who knows. 

Hopefully I’ll have something better to write about tomorrow. Also, I hope this wasn’t too awfully boring. I’ll try to come up with an actual topic to talk about tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday, and if you’re going out, I hope you remain safe! Remember not to drink and drive, and use your noggin’s. 

That’s it for today. 


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