Too Much.

Too loud.
Too annoying.
Too bold.
Too daring.
Too noisy.
Too dramatic.
Too ironic.
Too blunt.
Too talkative.
Too frustrated.
Too emotional.
Too unhappy.
Too obsessive.

But why? If you are not man/woman enough to handle me, if you are not to able to handle me-that is not my problem. Because I am a creation of God, I am beautiful, I am purposeful, I am wonderful. I will not dim my lights to fit your small vision. I will not change my perception to fit inside your bubble. I am not too much to handle, you are to little to hold yourself up next to me. I am not a feminist, I am not over confident and cocky, I simply know my worth (sometimes that is). I know that I am not too loud, or to annoying, you only see a perception of me from first glance. At first glance, yes, I am a little “hyper”, but when you really get to know me, that’s when it’s worth it. I want to talk about deep worldly things, I want to share my dreams and talk about life problems. Who doesn’t?
If you cannot take the intensity of which I am, then it is not I who is too much. It is you who is not able to handle the beauty of some things.

Too Bright.

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