Day 30 – Superpowers

Saturday, March 26th 2016

So nothing happened much today, I was watching Jessica Jones and it got me into the topic of super powers.

My best friend (who said she can’t ride a bike with two wheels cause she didn’t want to when she was younger so now I’m determined to teach her) and I were deciding what powers we would have if we were a duo. We decided to go for mental abilities and her possibly elemental abilities instead, depending on the power and sub powers suggestions I give her.

But what would I pick? Oh I don’t know. You’d have to give me a small list to pick instead of the hundreds of super powers I can choose. However, there are a few I’m more interested in.

  1. Telekinesis : This power has always been the one I seemed to be the most interested in having. Yes, I could have time travel or a lot of more powerful and useful abilities, but I want a power that I would not abuse. Time travel I’d just abuse it the same I’d do with mind control, and I don’t want to become the villain, as much as I like them. Telekinesis is actually very useful. People expect “Oh what, you’ll levitate the remote towards you and be lazy?” No! Of course I might do that at some point, but you can do so much more. Telekinesis can actually be a very powerful and useful super power open to several branches that characters with it don’t usually portrait. For example, you can levitate things around you, but did you know you could also levitate yourself and fly? You can levitate people around you, so why not yourself? Already you have two powers in one; flight and telekinesis. Chronicle proves that. It is a very useful way to defend yourself too. Someone throwing something at you? Someone about to stab you? Just stop the object or stop their arm and they can’t do anything about it until you release. The only thing you require for this is to have quick reflexes.
  2. Shape shifting : There are several different kinds of shape shifting. Object shape shifting (which isn’t particularly useful, unless you have someone else to use you, if you’re becoming a sword or something), turning into a different human, which is another form of illusion manipulation and animal shape shifting. I’m more towards animal shape shifting. Why have invisibility when you can become a bird, pretend to be a neutral animal and fly all in one power? You can have so many powers all in one, just less powerful. Super speed? Might not be as fast, but turn into a cougar. Flight? Become a bird. Invisibility? Become a neutral animal, like a squirrel or become someone’s domesticated cat. Super strength? Become a very strong animal. The list goes on.
  3. Psychic Constructs : At first I made my own super power with holograms instead, but basically you have the power to create an object with your mind. Know Gwen from Ben 10? Basically, that’s her power. Although this has limits, I mostly chose it if I was in a situation like an anime, where swords and all of that are used often. Though it can also be used for a flight, in a way. You can make platforms underneath you and walk mid air, you can also form light, you can create a sword in your hand, you can make a wall in front of you to shield from whatever, it’s useful, but has its limits.
  4. Illusion Manipulation : Not exactly shape shifting because of what I mentioned before, although a bit, but creating illusions. For example, if your worst fear is insects, I can create an illusion where thousands of insects are crawling into your room and you see them, you feel them, but they aren’t actually there. This is usually seen as super power for a villain and although it is just one big way of lying through sight, you can use it for good, but in the end, any super power could be used for both sides, even if it is something like “Make someone feel better power”. You can use anything for evil, unfortunately. But for illusion manipulation, you can make yourself unnoticeable, kinda invisible, make them think you’re not there. You can make someone’s fear appear before their eyes like said before. You can make someone believe they’re in a different room, you can make yourself seem like someone different, which is a form of shape shifting, but only with human beings. And the list goes on.

There are a lot more super powers I can mention, but I’d continue the list forever. Here a few more : elemental (fire, water, air, earth), dream manipulation (because I’m fascinated with dreams), telepathy and enhanced agility. I was going to add immortality, but I wouldn’t want to see people die around me.

That’s all for today.

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