Empathy is a double edged sword

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I am some what psychic. My strongest ability is clearsentience.

“Clairsentience is the ability to receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.  Empathy (feeling the emotions of others) is also a form of clairsentience.”

It works in 2 major ways. I can feel what you are feeling just by being around you, talking to you, shaking your hand, or giving you a hug. Sometimes all I have to do is simply look you in the eye. A few select people that I hold near and dear have such an effortless, strong connection with me that I can pick up their emotional level without being any where near them.

The other way is what I coin as “reverse empathy”. I can control your mood. That’s right. I can agitate you and piss you off for no reason or I can calm you down. My bouncy energy is infectious and people are quick to gravitate towards me. I can easily control the mood of a room. When my emotions leak into the air around me I have to be feeling my own emotions passionately and my skin from my head to my toes will tingle.

I’m a human lie detector, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. True I can tell when people are being deceitful or blowing smoke up my butt, but the vibes that I get don’t account for all the various reasons why people lie. Sometimes it’s to escape negative judgement, avoiding negative reinforcement, an embellishment of the truth, and sometimes even the lie was actually meant to impress me. Just because a person lies doesn’t mean that they are in fact a bad person. I know people who are extremely honest, but man do they gossip! So what I’m trying to say is the we as people are so much more than surface deep and that needs to be taken into account.

There is a huge disadvantage to being an Empath. I know when people dislike me even if they disguise it and are perfectly polite. I can literally sense it. I try to restrain myself from taking my rejection out on them. I have to remind myself that not everyone is going to like me. It’s a lesson in immediate forgiveness. I must not hold the thoughts and feelings others have against them and I can’t retaliate. Some days it is a struggle and other times it’s effortless. “Don’t worry about them. Worry about yourself” I repeat over and over in my head. Still it’s unsettling to have to be around people that I know don’t like me. It’s a mental slap in the face that stings my soul.

Empaths are energy workers. They can use their gifts for good, bad, or personal success. I know of one empath that is a security guard and let’s just say you can’t get away with shop lifting when he’s on duty. I prefer to work in the service industry because I can be quite charismatic and have a way of making cranky, hungry people smile.

Sometimes I try to use my gifts to heal. I had a friend who suffered a severe heart attack. I use to meditate, locate his astral body, push my energy out, send it into his astral body, and surround his heart in a bright, white light. I never told him that I did this, but sure enough his recovery was fairly speedy. He even managed to associate this with me, although I did not tell him about my attempts to try and repair his heart.

So now, as silly as it seems, I try this with Toothless. I put my energy around the tumor on her spinal cord and try to squeeze it tight and compress it. Will it work? I have no clue. Toothless needs a miracle though to beat her bleak, terminal diagnosis so I have nothing to lose.

If I could chose to be an empath or not, I guess I’d keep the gift. There are moments when I feel isolated, but other times it offers me precious insight that others aren’t privy too.

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