I dislike people, strongly.

First off, let me just say how strongly I dislike people.  Secondly, exactly how low can the people I work with continue to stoop? 

Here is the point I am attempting and failing to make:

I have an issue with one woman who I shall call H and one male I shall call R.  H and R have control issues when it comes to not using their Military grade rank in the Civilian job to try to control those they deem lower than themselves.  I am seen as being less than them, by them almost everyday I work here, with them.

H started maybe 3 days prior than I did and R started 2-3 days after I did.  How does that justify that they are both hold a ‘higher rank’ than I?  Yes, I am an E-4 and yes, they are both E-5s however that does not give them the justification to hold their non-existent power over me and expect me to do what they please.

Number one, R is a complete and total moron.  As a Security Officer, we have to check specific building and doors, especially the ones that contain useful information for people that would know what to do with it.  R was doing his foot patrols while I stayed in the Office since I had been doing them all week.  After all was said and done or about 20-30 minutes later, R comes back.  I questioned whether or not he locked up the doors he should have and he answers ‘yes’.  The next morning I come in to find out, he missed the first three doors we have to lock up that are right next to each other!  Not only that, but he follows me around like a dog on a leash.  If I do a mobile patrol, he locks down the office and comes with! 

To cover my ass, the first words I said to him was verbatim, “I am here to work, not to build a friendly relationship with you or anyone else.”  I also chimed in there with the fact that I am soon-to-be married jus in case he wasn’t understanding.  I Complained about it when it first started happening and now, I am just about to turn around and command him like a dog since that is what he wants to act like.


Getting onto H.  H is another certain kind of stupid.  Her first week here, she called off the entire week so technically, we started on the same day.  The second or third day I was working here, she called off 2 more days because her daughter is sick.  When she came back in, she was exclaiming how much fun she had with her daughter and yada, yada, yada.  You stupid *****…I do not fully understand how she is still working for this company.


Getting onto the final complaint.  C.  C is another one who is a special kind of idiotic.  When we sign people into the plant, we have to give them specific badges depending on certain items.  I had a gentleman who wrote his Citizenship down as Mexico. 

(Whenever this happens, we are supposed to escort them to where they need to go and back.)  Considering he wasn’t going through the gates, I didn’t see the purpose of escorting him.  When C returns from his rounds, I told him how many personnel were left in or out of the vicinity.  When C glances at the clipboard and is able to tell that the contractor wrote Mexico down as his Citizenship, he goes on to lose his mind.  I end up having to grab the keys and run all around the plant even though I told him he did not go inside the gated area — keeping in mind that it is probably a good 2-3 miles around it all and I am in boots, long sleeves, heavy pants, etc… 

C decides that after I have a good run, that he would call me on the radio to tell me that he is over in Building 14 (not in the gates).  Basically, I ran around for his enjoyment.  I come back in the office after my much needed cigarette and go to reach for the company phone to call my Boss to tell him what happened.  Come to find out, C already called him to cry blue falcon about me and my wrongdoing.  I’m sorry, but being in the Military I cannot stand it when people tattle-tale. 

Needless to say, the last 3 or so hours with him were completely silent with the exception of me exclaiming in a very loud voice that I am going out for a cigarette or for a perimeter. 


I truly do not understand how people can be so stupid and aggravating all in one and at the same time.  I truly hope I get accepted into Penn Foster so I can deal with animals for the majority of the day rather than illiterate, selfish people. 

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