Nothing special

Sometimes here everything is ok…

i’m sitting to the table usually with a book in front of me studying and writing. I’d not even wish anything better to do now :)) i’m drinking hot chocolate and i feel that all of these failures dont seem strange anymore )): i dont know why all them happen but anyways i cant resist . Only thing i can do is that i study and i keep it on and on. 

One thing that is still in my mind is dancing..




well i dont love him with whom i danced but there was something captivating just in dancing… I’d never done it before but i dare to say i dance very well and i see it as an art. Art which drives me crazy…and i’m looking forward to the next day just to be lost in pleasure. 

2 thoughts on “Nothing special”

  1. Beautiful writing. And dancing is definitely a form of art. 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot *__* i’m always happy when someone likes my writing ^^

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