The Truth

    I am not exactly an easy person to figure out even though I am a open book. In my 22 short years of life I have had to deal with so many things. I have had to come to terms and learn to deal with so much, yet I still consider myself very blessed and fortunate to be where I am today. God has blessed me so much and I have done very little to deserve it. That is why I love Him so much. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and as a practicing Christian it is a very emotional time from me. I have never had anyone love me as much as my Savior Jesus Christ. I mean come on not many people would die for billions of strangers, especially the harsh way He died. So tomorrow I can’t wait to go to church and thank Him for what He did for me on that cross, even though sometimes I don’t exactly seem thankful. I know it seems like I am preaching, and might be but this is what was on my heart tonight. I hope just maybe it will help someone. Just remember He is always there no matter how hard life is you can always go to Him. He knows what your going through just trust Him. He has been there for me many times and helped me hold on when all I wanted to do was just let go and give up.

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