Dinosaur Dream

This is just one of the many bizarre dreams I’ve written down so far, and it doesn’t make sense at all, so be warned. I have nothing to write today so I just thought I’d share it, because I always have horrendously weird dreams, and they’re so interesting (at least, to me). So anyway, here goes:


I was telling one of three scary stories to my younger sister, from a black leather-bound book that I used to be afraid of. The story was about a little boy and his older brother, who were attacked by dinosaurs when they were staying home alone. Their house had a large glass front door in an almost all-glass wall, that was covered by some filmy, white, see-through curtains. The dinosaurs in the story started smashing their heads and tails against the glass–the door and wall started to crack, and the boys screamed. I wasn’t finished telling the story, but I was scared, so I got up to lock our own front door, which looked the same as the one in the story. Outside, everything looked like an abandoned ghost town: dusty, windy, cold, grey.

Suddenly dinosaurs started attacking, just like in the story. I screamed but the dinosaurs went away by themselves. Then it was early morning, and I was dragging three three-tier bunk-beds to the door to barricade it, and pushing drawers and cabinets in front of the glass wall, and covering everything with pillows, food, and weapons. The sun started coming out, anad the dinosaurs that were sleeping outside were waking up. I blocked up some cracks with blankets and then climbed to the top of one of the bunk beds to wait.

I was then walking down a busy street, where palm trees lined the river-stone road, and everything was covered with a huge glass dome. I saw regular people–shopping and walking around–but there were also people who had been bitten by dinosaurs and “infected.” The people seemed dangerous, and I thought they might bite, but other people explained that the infected were too slow to chase and catch up with normal humans. So I went up the escalator to see another level of stores.

Then I was walking down a beach. I ducked into an almost-abandoned market, which was dark and crowded with dusty umbrellas and stalls, and I was passing by a woman’s stall, she smiled and asked me if I wanted to buy anything. I told her that I was going to the beach to see the dinosaurs and the infected humans that lived there. But she told me not to–“You’ll get bitten”–and I had to reassure her by saying that the dinosaurs/infected wouldn’t be able to catch me. She told me then that they actually could run fast enough to come and bite me, which I was surprised to hear. But I walked on and started watching a guy draw dinosaurs with a charcoal pencil. He gave me tips on how to draw them, too, telling me how to draw the differences between male and female dinosaurs’ noses. According to him, drawing the differences was like drawing “Christian people…”


And I woke up. It’s weird and it goes all over the place, but I remember being very uneasy while I was dreaming it. This dream is from a long time ago–I’ll share some newer ones sometime, I wrote them down much more coherently–I had to rephrase a lot of the stuff I wrote here, because my original description was rambling, as I’d written it right after I woke up and was still woozy.

Anyhoo. Hope you are all having a good weekend. Stay chill.

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