Feeling Worn Out

Well, work sucked. What is up with people waiting until the day before to buy the stupid Easter baskets and dresses? Saturday is usually pretty busy anyways but due to a bunch of PROCRASTINATORS, there was pretty much a long line the entire time I was there. I felt really bad when I had to sneak away when my shift ended because there were people waiting past the queue line but I had to clock out. Just please try and buy your crap earlier so store associates don’t have to miss breaks and stress out because of your petty issues. Thank you. *sigh* Not to mention, I had to miss out having an Easter party at my aunt’s house due to the fact I had to deal with these people! If I have to miss cookies and cake for whiny, irresponsible children, I expect respect.

On a more positive note, I am going over to my Nana’s house tomorrow with Kolton and we are apparently having meatloaf 🙂 I like meatloaf.

I am currently playing a game called Siegefall that I am incredibly addicted to. I am actually playing right now so I will maybe make an entry tomorrow. Till then!


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