What is perfect?

This journal is going to be ranting.. uhh like always. 

what is perfect? 

to me perfect is everything. 

you are perfect 

the sky is always perfect. 

every person is perfect. 

everything is perfect. 

that is my opinion.

you may ask me why do i think that ? well honestly nobody is alike. nothing is alike .. that means everything is diffrent. it also means they are the only one like them. only thing like them. 

That means they are perfect. 

they are perfect because they are the only one like them they are the only one that has those features even they may be the same as others. they are diffrent. 

twins are diffrent even if they look alike they still are diffrent.  

so to me everything is diffrent meaning to me everything is perfect. 

but the thing is to me I want to be perfect like make my own deffiniton of perfect and be it.. if that makes sense..? 

but umm..

I want to be smart, I want to be able to defend myself, I want to know how to fight, I want to have money, I want the perfect body( the perfect body to me is things i desire.) I just want to be my definition of perfection. I dont know if this makes any sense.. 

but yeah.. 

and I want to ask

what is perfect to you? 

One thought on “What is perfect?”

  1. I think everything is perfect. People are perfect, because there are good and bad and they come to your life at the perfect time. The sky is perfect because it changes and when it changes it’s beautiful everytime. So yeah, I agree with you

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