Im Dying inside

I am breaking down,

Even with this bottle my sorrow just wont drown.

My heart oh my God my heat,

I’m so torn apart.

Covered in scars,

Hiding in bars.

Chocking back tears,

There’s not enough beers to ease this nightmare.

Every smiles a bluff,

As if I haven’t cried enough.

Screaming out loud,

kidnaped from my cloud.

How does someone so gorgeous,

Hurt me so bad until I feel worthless.

There is no cure,

Don’t try and say I am wrong because for this I am sure.

Trying to breathe,

Comes out as heaves.

Wanting to die,

Every “I’m okay” is a lie.

Feeling so sick,

I’m slipping so quick.

Quit telling me “this too shall pass”,

I am not taking off his mask.

Hurting so bad,

It is a real possibility I will always be this sad.









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