Survived the party… as myself!

I am not one to typically document my thoughts and daily activities, however I’ve been told this is a great idea.  So I am.

I struggle with wearing masks and have for most of my life.  I am working to rid these and to present myself to the world.

Well, I did it. I went to a party as me, no mask, no filter, raw just me.  Guess what, I had fun.  People approached me and pulled me from my corner.  I danced and had fun.  Besides the four drinks, I didn’t even eat comfort food.  Exercised and made new memories.  I did not get much sleep due to family obligations this morning.  However, due to working out …. I did not wake up sore and did not suffer from the hideous hangover that could have plagued me.  I accomplished an Easter Egg Hunt with the family.  Since then, I have had a lazy day, and I plan on having an early bed time….. hopefully Daddy will approve.

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