Thinking of the Truth

I go to do the my grocery shopping this morning come to find out most stores are closed today. Easter isn’t even a real holiday. What does bunnies and eggs have to do with the resurrection of jesus anyway? The truth is Christianity stole most of their beliefs from other religions. For example, the egg that is used for Easter came from paganism and signifies the celebration for the return of Spring and fertility. 

I believe I have always been an atheist it just took me awhile to admit to myself because once I admitted it to myself I would have to admit to other people and I was scared of how people would react. I don’t think it is fair to pretend to be someone you think everyone wants you to be. I was more open to admit I am bi-sexual to myself than I was to admit I am atheist. As I have grown I have been able to be more open to my thoughts and beliefs. Why waist time being fake? Only you can make you happy.

This is my first public journal and I am thinking this might help me with my writing. I have never been the best at articulating my thoughts on paper. Hell I don’t really know how to articulate my thought in my head. I tend to just blurt thing outs without adding any fluff. I have noticed when reading things the fluff is what makes is actually interesting. It isn’t always the climax that makes a book a good read it is the foreplay that’s the most enjoyable.  


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