To the one that does not deserve her

If you don’t like the way her hair curls at the ends, or her nose wrinkles when she laughs, leave her. If you don’t see her as a fucking masterpiece, leave her. She’s a beautiful, young girl that deserves the world. Give it to her, show her off. When you’re with her, appreciate every single second like it would be the last one. Look at her and look at her eyes so she knows that you mean it when you call her beautiful. Yes, you might get a “thank you babe” or “that is very false, but thank you” but deep inside she knows she is. She’s sensitive, she’s afraid. Make sure you treat her well. Ask her how her day is going, how was work, or if she’s alright. She likes that stuff. But most important, take care of her. She’s a great girl. Make sure you’re there for her when she you needs you the most, and you should get the same thing back. Yes, she’s hurt. Yes, have to do your everything, and I mean everything in your power to make her happy. Please don’t hurt her, she’s been through enough. She just needs someone that’s willing to do all those things I’ve mentioned above. She’s just scared of what’s going to happen. 

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