Got into another argument with my mom today. No, it’s not because I hate her but it’s because I wanted to tell her how much I love her. I love my parents, and I feel lucky since I know not everyone gets a pair of loving parents. But to be honest, she told me that I would play games over her. Oh, boy how much she’s wrong. If only I had  all day to talk to them. I would tell them how much I would really feel. All the pains and strains, believing one day I would not see them come from work. I miss them to be honest. I hate being alone for so long. Being alone for 9 hours everyday, sometimes even more. All this time makes you think. It truly hurts when someone you love says you don’t love them. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but.. It just hurts. I feel a little part of my heart crack whenever I hear that sentence. It sucks. Really. It does suck. Anyways, enough of my emotions. To be honest, I didn’t know how to respond to it. Should I be sad? Should I be mad? Is it weird for a son to be feeling this way? I’m already 18 and I know she’s not too far from a control-freak.. But… She’s my mom. She chose to have me even if it led to a C-section(Sorry if I spelled it wrong). She’s very strict and stubborn, but she’s someone I care about. I worry sometimes. Heck.. Ah, screw it. Hell… I don’t think she’ll remember saying it tomorrow while it echoes through my head for months. Why do you think I would choose something temporary over you? Does it look like I hate you? …. I’m sorry.

  • A very depressed guy, Kanuke

3 thoughts on “Arguments”

  1. My mother is the same way except she is extremely controlling. It is confusing on how to feel, because (for me) no feeling is the ‘right’ feeling. It’s frustrating. I getcha.

  2. Hey.

    I see how you feel. Not completely, but to some extent. My mom is really controlling too. She expects so much and when I try to show my efforts she almost seems aloof. But I feel the same way sometimes. It hurts to love and not get the same love in return. You’re not weird for that.

  3. maybe she just wants some attention?
    if possible…why don’t you write a letter (about your feelings) and put on the table before you leave the house in the morning. or give her something small to show that you care about her. hopefully she will understand
    and i think its normal at 18 to think like this and its great that you can express publicly how much you love your mum

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