Bad drivers

I was dearly disappointed in the dismal weather yesterday. My soul screamed for sunny blue sky’s, light breezes, puffy clouds, and the smell of flowers mixing in the air. I got damp, grey drizzle instead. Yuck. 

My Easter plans of a family hike got squashed by the constant, never-ending rain drops. We went for a car ride instead. I’ll take movement in whatever form I can get. I must have been a dog in a past life or something because I absolutely love car rides.

It’s a weird era when your kids are too grown up to be excited for the Easter bunny. I don’t have to worry about filling eggs with chocolate and jelly beans. No more shopping for vibrant dresses so lacy and colorful you could swear they were grown in a garden. Those days have ended for me. I’m raising a young man and 2 little ladies.

As we drove through the interstate, the lonely winding roads, and the speedy bypasses we saw A LOT of accidents. We need driver retraining on a global scale! I saw cars changing lane without checking. I saw cars fish tailing and spinning out of control as they hydroplaned on top of the water. I can go on and on.

*Please don’t drink and drive. I don’t. I want to LIVE and equally as important, I don’t want to endanger another human being. You may not value your life, but don’t be reckless and selfish when it comes to the safety of other people.*

*Please don’t talk on your phone OR text and drive. Again your bad judgement puts others at risk. It is IMPOSSIBLE to stay focused on the road and text at the same time. No text is worth your life or my life. Put the darn phone down. If you need to send a text or make a call pull over to do it.*

*The proper distance between you and the car in front of you is 1 car length for every 10 mph. I don’t trust cars that tailgate. Are your brakes so magical that they always stop in time? I don’t want to be the car you rear end because you judged the distance poorly.*

*When approaching a stopped car (like at a traffic light) you need to stop with enough distance in front of you so that you can see the ground UNDERNEATH the back tires of the car in front of you. Ever hear of someone getting hit from behind, getting pushed forward, and hitting the car in front of them. This approach to safe stopping prevents it.*

*If your windshield wipers are on your head lights must be on as well. It’s the law and it’s common sense.*

*The speed limits are posted for optimum conditions. Bad weather isn’t optimal there for slower your speed accordingly.*

I’ll step off my soapbox now. 

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