Breaking the family chains

S+ometimes it feels like we are fighting a loosing battle with family, one step forward two steps back… but I always go back to the thought, somebody has to break the chain. Hurt people hurt others. I want to do good things BECAUSE, I hurt. I want to break that chain! I have to believe that even if the other person doesn’t respond in a kind way, that i (we), are at least planting a thought.. a thought that things can be different. And maybe after enough “planting” their thoughts will turn to actions.
It’s not always easy, in fact its almost always harder to forgive and reach out to those who have wronged us .. but I guess that’s all the more reason to do it. It’s easy to love and support somebody who loves and supports us, so that speaks to our character very little. But if we love and support those who we feel don’t “deserve” it, that speaks magnitudes about our character! 

That kind of love is what will get people’s attention. I fail at this way more than I succeed, but it’s what I strive for. Thinking ab my dad and his siblings growing up in orphanage.. their past lacks that kind of love. I can’t imagine what it was like growing up, and unfortunately, it seems like most of the damage can’t be undone. My heart physically hurts when I try to put myself in their place, as a child. I don’t want anybody in this family to ever feel unloved, unwanted, or unimportant again. I want to break that chain! Family is the one thing that we can’t choose and we can’t change… 

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