Day 31 – Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 27th 2016

First off, I hope everyone had a good Easter!

Today I started off by going to church and we had a great service. One thing that really touched me is the pastor was talking about believing in God and Jesus or not. With me, although I believe with all my heart and want to, I always have this nagging voice at the back of my head saying “but what if he isn’t real” that I’m trying to get rid of, but I don’t know if it ever will be gone. But I do want to believe and I keep to believe with all my heart and I keep praying for help. At least I have this to help me and I’ll never forget this instense that happened when I was on a Youth trip and wrote down as soon as I could : 

Blizzard 2016

Feb. 7 2016

Answered Prayers

I felt distant with God so I prayed to him to strengthen my faith, that I did want to believe and that I do, but that nagging voice at the back of my head kept annoying me.

When Mike Gordon (speaker) broke the glass, revealing who we truly are, I had a sudden realization of who I am and I knew at that moment he does exist, he is real and he is amazing. The voices, the bad thoughts disappeared. I couldn’t think of them even if I tried, my thoughts about that topic became static. That’s when I realized he has answered my prayer and he is real, he is great and I shall never forget.

On our way at my grandmother’s house, we saw quite a lot of birds next to the lake. Spring is finally here and although I love winter, after a while it’s enough. Plus we didn’t go on vacation this winter for the first time since I was four, but it was warm until after Christmas, so I’ll count that as one, because it’s pretty rare. We broke the record in our area for longest without snow then for most snow.

After saying hello and sharing the virtual reality headset with the whole family who seemed very impressed, my cousins, brother and I played on the PS4 and with the new cat my grandmother got. She’s so adorable! She has long, brown fur and green eyes.

We then ate and had this awesome dessert my aunt made. It’s chocolate cake with kitkats surrounding it and chocolate eggs on top. Speaking about chocolate, I got endless amounts of it as well my mom made her own chocolate cake and bought chocolate muffins and miny apple pies. Can’t complain about not having any dessert now.

Now I’m back home and we’re about to watch Broadchurch. I’m really glad my mom’s into the show too (she kept asking to see another), cause usually it’s only my dad and I who watch shows together, like Doctor Who for example. She isn’t a sci-fi or fantasy fan like my brother, father and I. My brother would have liked Doctor Who, but he didn’t want to watch it. At least he watches anime now, something I never expected from him. He’s watching Gin Tama, it seems interesting to watch, but I’m busy with Erased and TV shows Broadchurch and Jessica Jones.

That’s all for today.

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