Day 32 – Not in the writing mood

Monday, March 28th 2016

I don’t really feel like writing my entry today, honestly. I’ve been writing a story for the past two hours. My eyes are tired and I’ve exhausted my writing today. Should have wrote my entry first, but I didn’t know what to say, because I’ve done nothing, but YouTube videos and finishing Jessica Jones. This might end up being a very short entry, but that’s fine with me honestly. After writing every single day you want to take a break. I’ll write a lot more tomorrow, though. Speaking about tomorrow, I got school and then after that I have my French exam, then the day after my math quiz. In other words, fun.. At least my math quiz seems to be easy, but because of that I feel like I’m missing something. Hopefully I’ll be fine for both. Pretty sure I will, since they are both easy subjects. Except for French grammar, I’m bad at that.

That’s all for today.


Edit : I have the math quiz before the exam. Wednesday to be exact. Oops.

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