It’s like I’ve felt every emotion in the last four days : anger, pain, fear, happiness, sadness, love.

My weekend started off with weird messages… Turns out it’s a friend of my ex. He threatened to release photoshopped nudes (which hopefully don’t exist). They’ve made an account on various porn sites under my name, so I was suddenly asked to pay, which I declined of course. I was called twice and messaged 17 times, but then I blocked him. I was so scared… I hope they’ll leave me alone now.

Luckily my weekend got better after that. I met up with some old friends, and I’ve finally had the guts to admit that I’m in love… He’s been honest with me – I think – and he told me that he wanted to wait, because he’s not ready for a relationship yet. But he did tell me he kinda likes me. Love is pretty confusing.

I’ll see how it turns out. I’ll let it rain over me.

Oh, btw, I decided to add a profile pic ^.^ Pretty sure there will be people telling me I’m ugly, but I don’t really care actually. 


2 thoughts on “Emotions”

  1. your not ugly, your young, beautiful, dont let stuff get to you, i went through the same sort of stuff, hold your head high, look past it, change your number, email address, report them if need be, dont let people back you in a corner or make you feel anything less then you know you should be treated

  2. Well, if you’re under 18 in the photos, you can remind them that spreading photos of you is classified as distributing child pornography and they could easily be arrested.
    What the hell babe you’re gorgeous??????
    Fuck anybody who tells you different. You don’t need to be romantically involved with anyone to be happy. If he comes around, he comes around. Don’t put too much weight on it. You are a strong independent motherfucker.

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