Happy Easter

Sooo…. today is a prime example of why I feel my family sucks.  There are no holiday traditions.  Another day of absolute separation and isolation.  Here we are the boys and I and I attempt to throw together a dinner… delicious btw if you were wondering… and I yearn to have the togetherness I see so many people have.  I am so over holidays.   Do you ever have a vision in your head and lack the proper steps to accomplish it… well this is how I feel often when it comes to involving other people.  Yes, yes I know that I should depend on myself but, how exactly does that happen when all you crave is the acceptance of another.  Validation on your purpose to another breath.  Life alone is …. well lonely.   On the plus side it is nothing new so … alas I will live another day…. Signing off for now… tata!!!!

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