I am trying to completely shut everyone out because that is 10x easier than letting people in. I hope people don’t realize I need to cry to them but in reality you only have yourself right? So I just smile through the pain and all these cunt bag humans will think I am happy. That is how it works right? For now I need no one I just need to play heartless and cut everyone off so I don’t feel this bullshit. 

One thought on “Heartless?”

  1. That’s not exactly the best idea. I tried that and now I feel like my emotion are spiraling out of control. I always want to cry, but since I learned to be so strong I hate the feeling of vulnerability. Being alone all of the time is addicting and once you actually find someone who you really like and the feelings are mutual you won’t know how to let them love you because you won’t know what the feeling is like anymore. Think about the consequences first.

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