Let her go

Makayla. Its a long story, but here it goes, we were doing so good for a little while, and then she hangs out with this guy Friday, they walked around the river and stuff. So, she comes back and we’re on the phone, for about 10 minutes and then she just drops it. She cuts it off with me. She says “I’m sorry,but you feel way more than I do” she kissed him and she felt something that she didn’t feel when we kissed. So my dumb ass still tried for her. I thought taking things slow and just being friends with her for a while would work out, it felt like it did for a day. And then, yesterday she went on a “walk” but in reality, she sneaked out of her house to meet up with the guy she hungout with on Friday. She thought I wouldn’t find out,but I did. So,today, like 15 mins ago, I had to let go. And I’ve been crying ever since. But it was for the best.

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