Maybe someday

Maybe someday, we will spark back up. But for now, its best that we both do our own thing. We’re young, I’m 17, she’s 16. We don’t quite know what love is, I mean, yes. But we’ve been so scared to actually try it out again cause of the past that haunts us. She gave me something. Something I’ll never forget. And I’m thankful for that. There’s moments during the day that I wish she was in my bed, curled up around my arms. Its spring break, it just snowed. And trust me, there’s no one else I’d rather be with than her. But then again, those are just fantasies that are probably not gonna happen again. But hey, a man can dream am I right? 

2 thoughts on “Maybe someday”

  1. if you dream about her, you think shes the one go for it, i was 16 when i met my now fiancee been together near 6 years. if it doesnt work out, learn from it, youll hurt youll fight youll scream but also if it works out, you will laugh kiss probably be the happiest person, dont let the past scare you.

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