Second chances..or fourth ones

Don’t you love the feeling when you finish reading a book and you are looking for more pages because it was too damn good? Yeah. That’s my life everyday. Or when I watch my Damon Salvatore being an ass then being stupidly romantic and you’re like, well, in your feeling. Okay, enough of Vampire Diaries and The Flash and Bones and…yeah.

Sam and I talked… with his mom and my mom and my dad and.. wow.. I talked a lot. I explained myself and the purpose was to clean my image/reputation. And I successfully did. When you love someone, a lot, more than a lot, a lot a lot, you try and take advantage of everything to make it work. I love Sam. A lot. (I’ll stop overusing the word a lot, I swear). I am willing to give us a chance again, because I know he loves me too damn much. 😉 I said it before and I’ll say it again, I do see a future with us together in it. If it doesn’t work out in the end, at least I now know that I did everything to make it work. I miss him and I saw him last night. 

My trip to Puerto Rico was one I’ll always remember. I learned about sincerity and trust. I learned about long lasting friendships. I learned how to be myself. Because people like it. I am weird as hell, I am telling you. That’s why people at church know I’m the almost only girl who hugs every old person. That when I walk I sometimes skip steps. I like to dress…different. I talk to everyone, I don’t have “my groups.” I try to make everyone fell better, make them happy because man, I think that’s the only way you can be happy yourself. Knowing you did something that caused for them to smile. I love that. Fake it till you make it. 

I saw this thing on Tumblr that if you say “bubbles” in a very angry voice, you cannot help yourself, but laugh. I do that a lot haha. I’m assuming that you are now trying it. Good. I need a book. 

One thing: give life a second chance. Or a fourth or a fifth one. Give it a chance. Laugh about stupid things. Drink awesome herbal tea. Make friends. Write a book (so I can read it pliz). Do something. Life won’t change all by itself.




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