The dentist.

I went to the dentist office today. I went there at 7:30am and got back at like 1pm. I went with two of my day ones. one is Chris I consider him a day two because he came the second day but was still there. The other is Xavier.. and then another guy went I don’t remember his name but we have talked a few times. we rode in the van to the dentist office and I read while the guy who drove took us to the dentist.. it is nice getting away from job corps.. kinda.. Honestly I like it here a lot. The dentist office scared me I didn’t remember being this scared.. but when the girl was taking my xrays and cleaning my teeth she scared me. I don’t know why. then the guy came in and filled a cavity and that scared me.. it was not bad at all and it did not hurt. I was just scared. it was kinda stupid to be scared but yeah… lol

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