There is always a guy…

So there is a guy (that I’ve already written about him here) that we hooked up and stuff like that…. We used to talk every time everyday since 3 weeks ago. We couldn’t meet up during the weekends because we had different plans, till this weekend! We went to the same party and we hooked up as usual again…. He kissed me in front of everybody and it was really nice and bla bla bla but I discovered that before me, he hooked up with another girl!!! (And guess what! I didn’t feel sad about it). 

We used to talk everyday, and before he went to the party I sent him a message which he didn’t answer yet!!! I don’t know what happened or what it’s going on with him, but why wouldn’t he answer me? We are so close…. But now, after we kissed and everything, we just stopped talking! 

The thing is: I miss talking to him so much but I also think that I don’t like him as I used! And now that I know that he hooked up with a girl before me, I realized that maybe I should forget him. Any advices?

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