1st entry–

im a young mum, 21, 3 kids – 2 here 1 angel , and a fiancee. ive bottled my emotions in for so long that i feel like im going to explode, i had a nightmare child hood, cant go into detail as i wont sleep for 3-4 weeks after even telling people one detail yet alone the whole thing . 

im borderline bipolar, PND . i try my best daily, provide for my kids, look after them, struggle and every night cry myself to sleep, by which time my fiancee is asleep, my kids are asleep.

he doesn’t understand when i try talk to him, he trys but doesn’t quite get it, close to 6 years together and i still fear he will wake up and decide to leave me for some size  8 supermodel.  


lifes no bunch of roses. no joyful place unless you make it…

2 thoughts on “1st entry–”

  1. things will get better in time. when ever your feeling down tell your self “this too shall pass” that quote helps me get through things.. i don’t know your situation but you shouldn’t be afraid of him leaving ):

  2. Thanks: )
    I think it’s more insecurities… we been together close to 6 years but there’s still always that doubt that someone will come between us, he will just wake up and leave

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