2. New house?

Well lets start with some quick thoughts that went threw my head while I was loading up the computer.

  • I have been up for 2 hours and just getting a cup of coffee in me.
  • I find it ironic I find a sight that’s called good night journal when I journal in the morning.
  • I have a lot of cleaning to get dune today.

So, Easter went well. We went to my parents house and had a good time, and I feel opening baskets up on Saturday did help keep the over stimulation of the two down so we did not have too many freak outs. 

Our loan guy was suppose to call J last night and update us if we where going to be able to close on Thursday or not… like I said suppose to, I am not sure if J has heard from him this morning but I feel like it would be rude of me to just constantly bug him while he is at work so I’m going to wait till more around lunch when the boys are down for there nap to ask him whats going on with it.

I’m really getting impatient and nervous about it because my step dad is going to be out of town and they have our new bed. The plan was to have them to bring the new bed to the house but if we don’t have ownership of the house by the 1st he is just going to have to bring the bed to our house, and I have no clue where we would put it. 

I am also worried that I’m going to be left moving alone, we have a lot of very heavy furniture that’s going to be VERY hard for us to lift by ourselves. I’m just really hoping that we do get some actual help from family members. I mean I will know when we have a for sure date on moving and if something unpredictable happens we wont be moving in two weekends like currently planned so wanting to wait till we know a bit more concretely. 

I also have a lot of chores to do today, with the home owner showing the house, I have to keep up on cleaning.

Today’s cleaning list:

  • Make beds
  • clean up toys threw out day (get kids help) 
  • wipe down all surfaces (counters coffee table and stuff)
  • vacuum and sweep all the rooms
  • clean out fridge 
  • unload and re load dish washer
  • dust
  • clean the bathroom
  • and possibly find something to pack. 
  • 3 loads of laundry wash, dry, fold, and put away

Dose not look like an awful lot but when it comes to vacuuming and I’m vacuuming 3 rooms on main floor, the stairs 4 rooms upstairs and the hallways it takes a good hour to two depending if i’m getting “help” from little ones. laundry takes about an hour a load so that’s 4-5 hours of chores right now bathroom takes about an hour dusting and cleaning out the fridge together is an hour. and another hour or two in petty cleaning so i’m looking at on a minimum of 7 hours of strait cleaning and if I start now it will be 4 before I’m dune haha so probably wont be dune till 5 in reality so it will be a long day of cleaning and trying to keep the boys at bay and entertained. 

Alright well I better get going to start cleaning, nap time is in 2-4 hours (depending how moods go) so going to try to get the really loud stuff dune right away. so I don’t have to worry about having to wait till after nap time. Wish me luck 😛 hate cleaning days haha. 

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