A Daily Occurence

Well, here I go again with posting about how I have a love/hate relationship with my work.

For starters, do I seem to have the attitude that people claim that I have?  Yes, I have anger issues, but I would not consider them anything to be a cause for concern, especially in my work place.  For the most part, I keep myself under control.  I have yet to tear someone’s heart from their chest so I would say I am right on track.  I mean, how could you blame me for having an attitude when yet, every else struts around here with their problems on their shoulders and somehow expect me to deal with them for them.  Or at least accept the brute force of it all crumbling down when it reality, it should be them accepting it. 

Certain people need to learn to cope with their own issues rather than expecting people to cope with them for them.  It is hard, but it can be done and will make the work environment or what have you much easier to well, work and function in without the awkwardness hanging around like a ceiling fan. 


Moving on back to the point at hand: Work.

Yesterday was a relatively busy day for Ron and I on second shift.  I for one, was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, not knowing whether to cry or hit someone since I was so overwhelmingly agitated.  However, this is not about yesterday, rather what is going on today and today is worse. 

I am working with Ron, the idiot again today seeing as though Craig is off.  Being as though I am working with Ron, I know that I am going to be doing foot patrols again since he is a lazy f***er. 

Well, when I first arrived, I was in a seemingly good mood considering I skipped Planet Fitness today and slept in, something I have not done in close to a month.  That changed in a matter of milliseconds.

They had basically done what an English teacher in High School would do and wrote all over the Log Sheet we do on each shift, highlighting what is wrong and needs to be corrected.  I was okay with that since if I do something wrong, I have to be shown it for it to be corrected, like anyone.  Well, then they begin to dumb it down and proceed to basically blame me for every little thing that happened last night; most of it was completely out of my hands.

We have a woman here, K. Kirby who is the go-to woman in charge of the cleaning crew when the actual person isn’t here.  Well, she left early last night to go to the hospital to see about her foot and why it was acting up.  Not a big deal until later on, a maintenance crew member returned the Medical keys for her that she is not supposed to give out aside from returning them to us.  An issue that happened on first shift was one of the main reasons I was being blamed even though I am not on first as of yet. 

So I was blamed for an occurrence that did not happen on my shift, rather the shift previous to myself.  I was then told that there was no need to annotate the time of the occurrence since it happened on first shift, yet when I first started here, I was told to cover my ass and write down anything that happened.  Not only that, but they were upset because my Log Sheet was two pages long rather than the regular one page since I documented ‘more than I should have’. 

What I cannot understand at all is how unorganized everyone else seems to be and yet, at the first sign of someone who is organized, the facility goes into an immediate state of panic.  I cannot help that I enjoy things to be a certain way and at a certain level of organization.  I may not keep my home spot clean, but if you need to locate something, you better believe you can find it without a hassle.  The only exception being my husbands Man-Cave seeing as though that is mostly his area with the exception being that I log into his computer every once in a while to play World of Tanks. 

Getting back on the subject once again, when all this was occurring, Ron was nowhere to be found.  Rather than growing a backbone and accepting the consequences that we messed up seeing as though we are both new Officers, he ran and hid.  Not a word was spoken to him while it was happening, when he returned or prior to myself going out on a fence line patrol on foot to relieve the stress I was feeling after the little communication between my bosses boss and my fellow employees. 

For one, I do not understand how he can completely disappear and no one says a word to him about it.  In the Military, he would be considered AWOL and would be more than likely discharged.  Two, I am not understanding how or why the company would want to keep someone who is completely useless in everyday tasks. 

One of these days, he will get what is coming to him and as of right now, he did.  I just heard him call our boss and tell him he locked the keys in our mobile patrol vehicle.  Karma at its finest, although I wish his punishment would be more severe or sweeter.  This will do for now.

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