Finding Beauty in the Mundane

Today was a hard, stressful day but on the other hand my uber independent teenager needed me.  He had to endure the removal of four teeth today…. oh that did not go over well.  He has been provided pain relievers and has pretty much been helpless today.  I almost feel guilty with him feeling this way but he hasn’t needed me in so long.  He is sooo independent and never wants to even discuss his feelings.  But… today, he needed mommy.  A reminder to take a moment to appreciate even the little things.  I would not say that I am a very affectionate mother but in times like this I am able to show my love for my children and I appreciate the opportunity.   Other than that, today I accomplished other mundane tasks such as homework and housework… Sorry for the lack of excitement but today I am learning to be okay just being me.

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