Forever Young

Ah one of those days when the mind flits in and out of old memories.  It started with me looking for Blowing in the Wind and then Where have all the flowers gone…nice old folk tunes…needless to say looking at Dylan and Baez…Forever Young came up!

I have always loved this song.  It reminds me of an old friend…boyfriend?…from years ago…more than 20. We both loved the song. Anyhow he’s now deceased…so bittersweet.  Suicide at 42…he was much younger than I…and I was so now I think how he died at 42…forever young.

Anyhow, ran downstairs to the canteen and flashes of a very old job came back. Cargill, 1994.   Now I got Bruce Dancing in the Dark…going way back I guess.

Need to get back to work.  Lots of true crime to type up.

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