I want to better myself but how?

I have a issue. 

I really want to be a better person. 

I just do not know how to make myself better.

I need help

so if anyone reads this and know how i could then please tell me

I know a few things.. Like i want to be a better person by being nice, by learning more, haveing a fit body.. and i dont know.. 

so yeah.. 

2 thoughts on “I want to better myself but how?”

  1. One thing at a time…one day at a time! You want to be a nicer person…focus on one thing you can do each day. Maybe there is somebody who drives you batshit crazy…focus on being kinder to them. Maybe it’s a simple as smiling at folks in line at the grocery.
    Fitness…taking a walk three times a week. Or maybe drinking six glasses of water a day. Anything…a small daily step. And for goodness sake step one be kind to yourself. When you don’t meet your daily go…shake it off and face tomorrow with a smile and determination! Good luck.

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