If GOD was a genie… (If I had 3 wishes)

GOD can do anything. He could give us anything that we wanted. The thing is that he doesn’t have to give us what we pray for and what we ask for. A lot of the time, we get what what we need, not what we want. Genies on the other hand have to give us what we want, because those are the rules and we say they have to. What would happen if GOD was a genie? What would you ask for?

My first wish would be to feel prioritized by anyone. More than anything, I want to feel wanted. I want my parents to want to do things that I like and that I want to do, and I want them to enjoy that time with me. I want my sister to spend time with me without being critical, and without talking to or about her boyfriend at the same time. I want to feel like my friends want me around. I don’t want to continue finding out that I was not included or that I was ditched for something better. It hurts to never be the priority of anyone’s mind, or to know that you are a last choice, or to know that the only reason dad wants to spend time with you is because he doesn’t want to drive himself to Menard’s. 

Feeling wanted by people would be awesome, but people have better friends than me. If GOD was a genie, I would ask for a true best friend. My best friend wouldn’t be like my friends now. My best friend would always include and invite me. They would never talk bad about me. I could tell my best friend everything, and they could tell me everything. I wouldn’t have to worry about if they had a boyfriend, because they would know the value of friendship, and if I needed them, they would leave anywhere in an instant so that I could have a shoulder to cry on or just a person to listen. This person would be perfect! Maybe not to everyone, but to me, they would be a miracle and the best thing ever.

My last wish is 2 things put together. Love & understanding. I know that GOD loves me, but the whole concept of everything is hard to wrap my head around sometimes. I would wish for understanding so that I could strengthen my faith and trust in him better. He loves me enough to give me the things that I need, but I just can’t understand what it is that I am getting that I am in need of and why it is that I need these things. I know that it’s not really completely possible, but I want to understand GOD’s plan for me. I want to know why my life is like this and why things are so hard for me. I just want to know because nothing makes sense and living this way is driving me crazy. And because I know that GOD gives us what we need, and not always what we want, I want to know why this life and the happenings in it are what I need, because honestly… They SUCK!

I know that what I want is not technically what I need and that’s why I may never get these things, but if only I could find a magical lamp and GOD would grant me 3 wishes, I know what I would ask for. But, because my wishes are probably not things that I need in GOD’s eyes, I feel as though it would be wrong to get (or ask for) these things. I guess I’ll just keep praying and GOD can decide if he wants to play genie for a day… 

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  1. Pick up hobbies. Join classes that involve social interaction. Join clubs. Dance classes. Gym. And learn to be alone and enjoy your own company.

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