Incompetance – A Disease or just a Born-In annoyance?

Cheers to another b****ing session about being a Security Officer with BAE.

Yes, we are getting busier on second going into third shift which thankfully, I will be leaving and going to first in the next two weeks.  Being more busy does not account for stupidity and stupidity certainly does not account for laziness.

We have a Company IPhone that we are to carry on us at all times except when our shift is over.  We then give it to the next shift and so on.  When the person I am working with, Ron leaves the cell phone in the Office while he is out on Mobile Patrol and therefore, makes me responsible for the calls we receive and the doors, cages and etcetera we have to unlock for the people calling, it can get aggravating.  Also considering that he is in a vehicle.  I am on foot patrol walking from one end of the fence line to the other, attempting to haul ass since we are not supposed to be making these people wait longer than they have to considering they have a quota to meet.  Especially the maintenance staff. 

Now, do not misinterpret what was just said.  I do not mind walking.  Heck, I go to the gym everyday and run at least 2 miles along with my daily workouts. 

What I do mind is for when given the choice to either do lock-up procedures and foot patrols or mobile patrols/checking the Farmhouse/locking up building 20 if we can’t get to it, he always chooses Mobile Patrol.  No matter if he has done it a week straight, he wants to continue doing so. 

The last time I made the choice and decided I wanted to do Mobile (because I was sick and it was pouring here) Ron got lost and forgot to lock-up the first three doors, also the most important ones!  I am the one who was yelled at for his idiotic mistake!


If I am correct, I have been here a little over a month now.  I can basically walk through each of our buildings and lock up the correct doors.  Ron on the other hand, started 2-4 days after me and has the competence level of an infant.  I truly do not nor ever have understood individuals with no urge to learn the job or position requirements and yet, the Security Company decides to keep him on their payroll even after his incompetence radiates.  If I were the head, I would have fired his ass the day he started, or the day he went to class. 

That is another thing I truly do not understand.  I went to class with him and while at class, we were asked if we can work weekends since this job requires it.  I obviously said yes since it isn’t too often and Ron said yes.  Well, as it turns out, Ron cannot work weekends and then complains when he only gets 30+/- hours. 

How is a person that is so incapable of doing anything so eager to complain about his hours?  Oh, and he is not the only one. 

Someone please explain to me how these individuals are able to keep their positions and yet, if that were me doing these things, I would have been fired.  Is it because he served in Iraq?  Is it because he is African American?  Does the whole Active Duty/Veteran status mean something when it comes to him but undoubtedly would not mean squat if it were to come to myself?

I have an immense amount of respect for anyone who has been or is currently deployed however, that does not differentiate them from myself who is medical unfit to serve overseas.  We all still signed a contract basically saying that we would give our lives for this Country.  Me, well I signed my life away at the ripe age of 17, a month or two after Graduation.  And I even enlisted Active Duty – I was injured in Basic Combat Training and that caused chronic migraines which basically means, I am unable to apply a stable amount of pressure to my skull without the feeling of my brain exploding/melting, nor can I be in extreme light.


I truly do not understand it and I figure that it is better to write it down, even yelling at him about it, than to do something that can cost me my job.  Also, I do not look very attractive in prison stripes or jumpsuit orange. 


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