It’s in the air

Lately there’s been an overload of excess energy in the air. I’ve been taking it in and the after effect is less than desirable. I’ve got the blah mood that makes me itch. “Humanity” seems alien to me.

The toxicity of it all creeps slowly upon me, like shadows hiding the sun. It’s hard not to throw stones and cast judgement. I must stay afloat. The urgency is overwhelming yet false. 

Life is good. Yet I complain, longing for more. Irony. I don’t even know what I want despite the craving. I suppose I simply long for conversation and interaction, yet I’m disappointed. Why am I always on the outside? Why can’t my needs and desires be simple minded? Why can’t I be satisfied? Is this a reoccurring trend.

I need to concentrate. I need to create and make something beautiful or this feeling will not quickly evaporate.

2 thoughts on “It’s in the air”

  1. hmmm…when I saw “energy” I was hoping it was a good thing. You sound restless my friend. Yes creating something of beauty is a good idea…but you also need a quick fix…an easy creation…maybe bake a cake? I know that sounds very simplistic but hey it’s creative and quick and besides you get to eat it when you’re done! LOL
    Actually to me it sounds like you have spring fever. I have not done this in years and years (well actually I moved a decade ago and my drinking buddy of that era is now deceased but I digress) Spring was the time of year I longed to drink beer. I would call him up and say “time to drink bud in a briar bar”
    Hugs sweet one.

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